Who is making it for the Warriors in the NBA Finals; Kevin Durant or Stephen Curry?.

Kevin Durant‘s thirst for a Championship ring got him to join the Warriors to start with and that is what’s driving him to score that much points in the ongoing NBA Finals because they most certainly have to win. After 5 years, Durant got into the Finals again and he’s reminding them what they were […]

WATCH Most Exciting NBA FIGHTS 2016/17 Season

Everyone likes A Game Of Fights, You Just Cannot Deny! Unlike soccer, very second every minute someone is adding points,scoring a 3 pointer and one team could end up losing with a point difference in the game of basket ball. Scoring a 3- pointer is exciting; the fans cheer on put nothing beats a short […]

LeBron James and Stephen Curry comparison is all WRONG.

When the Warriors were without the star figure of Kevin Durant, LeBron always went head to head with the 2 times MVP, Stephen Curry. The 6 feet defensive arsenal and best shooter doesn’t really match up well with LeBron James because they are in a different league and the stats shows for it. Points per […]


It’s always a pleasure to see athletes have good relationship with each other no matter the sports they do  and that’s what some football and basketball stars exhibit by visiting athletes of a different sports. When there’s such great relationship among superstars, it makes the game attractive. NBA star, Stephen Curry was a guest at Chelsea’s […]

Russell Westbrook WINS 2017 Shaqtin a Fool MVP ahead of NBA MVP Award.

Oklahoma City triple- double king Russell Westbrook was named as the Shaqtin a Fool MVP for 2017. Westbrook snatched the award from his nemesis for this year’s NBA MVP James Harden. To put Westbrook out of misery after his former power-duo Kevin Durant won his first NBA Championship and took home the Finals MVP award, […]

Kevin Durant deserves a Championship Ring and NO, He is not getting it CHEAP.

For a high- powered shooter like Stephen Curry at Golden State Warriors, many expected Kevin Durant to just hide in the shadow of the Warriors and then when they finally crush out Cleveland Cavalier he would just go for the ring. He’s adding the figure for the Warriors and surprisingly doing some good defense. He did […]

WATCH TOP 10 NBA Dunks, Crossovers, Shoots And Steal 2017

Showing off the finest skills on the basketball court is what we are all up for. The reason the fans choose to wear their sneakers and walk into the arena instead of sleeping-in at home with a burger and watching “How I Met Your Mum”. In basketball what we look out for is best defense, […]

“I might not ever talk to Danny Again”: Isaiah Thomas LASHES OUT At Boston Celtics Manager

The dawn break of 23rd August,2017 came with shocking news of Boston Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas being traded to Cleveland Cavaliers for Kyrie Irving. Isaiah hasn’t said much about his trade and when Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated gave him an opportunity to speak about it, we realized the 28 year old had bottled in a […]

WATCH: Stephen Curry’s BEST 3- POINTERS 2016/17

All the basketball fans on the court go “yaaaah” when a player makes a crossover and makes his opponent breaks his knee but the real deal is when the 3- pointer settles the case especially if your team was trailing behind. A bevy of 3- pointer can just knock- out your opponent in a split […]

NBA Finals Game 3: Kevin Durant ties down Cavaliers with 3-pointer to give Warriors a 118-113 win.

The Golden State Warriors sealed another win to make an NBA History of 15-0 lead in the Post Season after beating Cleveland Cavaliers 118-113 in the Game 3 with a Durant 3- pointer that put them 114-113 before the final seconds.  Kyrie and LeBron had their foot grounded in the game only to lose to […]

Russell Westbrook’s Triple Double OVERSHADOWS Knick’s Star Man

New York Knicks were dominated in all the quarters in their open night game against Oklahoma City Thunders on 19th October, 2017 which winded up to their 105-84 defeat. Knick’s Kristaps Porzingis gave a good show but Russell Westbrook stole the spotlight with his first triple- double of the season If the first team you […]

Russell Westbrook Wins 2016/17 NBA MVP To End A Spectacular Year’s PERFORMANCE.

Oklahoma City Thunder star player Russell Westbrook took home the 2016/17 season MVP award ahead of two other finalists James Harden (Houston Rockets) and Kwahi Leonard (San Antonio Spurs) on Monday 26th June 2017 at the NBA Awards night held at Pier 36 in New York City. Westbrook had a spectacular year and as he […]

Warriors Coach, Steve Kerr DECIDES on White House Celebration After SCHOOLING Donald Trump on LEADERSHIP.

Golden State Warriors haven’t unanimously decided on skipping the traditional White House celebration after their NBA Championship win but with words from individual stakeholders it’s a thumps down for Donald Trump. Coach Steve Kerr who joined the Warriors back in time on the sideline before the Finals-  after being away with a recurring back pain- […]


Oklahoma City Thunders franchise player, Russell Westbrook‘s fashion choices is one hell mixture of “so cool” and “that’s off”. He can get you all up on the swag flow with a ripped off jeans and slay it with a nice shirt or jacket, then the next time, he’s all 90’s swag with bandanna on his […]

NBA Finals Game 2: Warriors maintain dominance to grab a 113-132 win against Cavaliers

 Warriors Coach, Steve Kerr returned to the sideline and boosted his team to go on with another kill in the Game 2 finishing with a 113-132 win against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Golden State Warriors improve each game but no one can really stick out their head for them because of the 3-1 lead they blew […]
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The NBA 2017/18 regular season began on Tuesday, 17th October, 2017 but on the side was something irregular; NBA stars’ doppelganger.  No one know were they emerged from but they had a lot of people confused with the resemblance as others took to taking pictures with them. Below are the 3 NBA stars whose look-alike has […]