Liverpool Defender, Dejan Lovren LASHES OUT At FANS Over 'DISGUSTING' ACT

This 2017/18 season hasn’t been one of the best for Liverpool FC  more especially for central defender, Dejan Lovren. After a bad start this season following a horrible performance from him in their 4-1 defeat to Tottenham Hotspurs some fans who are still not over it have sent disturbing death threats to the player’s family.
The Croatia defender had to be subbed after playing only half an hour of their game against Tottenham and everyone who watched the game understood it was a safety measure by the coach, Jurgen Kloop to prevent further damage.
Dejan Lovren walks towards the bench after substitution

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Aside the sloppy performance of the entire team which saddened the fans, they were not happy about Lovern’s performance and some resorted to trolls coupled with abusive words but the player was professional and made no complain but when he started receiving death threats, he furiously addressed their “disgusting” act.
Dejan Lovren hits back at threatening fans
“Horrible what kind of people we have.. I don’t mind when people talk s*** about me, it says more about them. But I cannot ignore when my family is threatened. I just can’t and won’t accept that. Disgusting” he wrote on his Instagram story.
Devan Lovren tries to block Tottenham’s Harry Kane’s shot
Before Liverpool’s 3-0 win over Huddersfield on Saturday, 28th Ocotber, 2017 Jurgen Kloop made a firm stand for his player and pleaded with the reporters not to escalate the issue. “Look, I don’t wish on one of you that all your mistakes are discussed in public. The boys, in the first case are still human beings” he said to the reporters during the press conference.
Jurgen Kloop during a press conference
“We had a normal week and of course, it was not the nicest week in Dejan’s life but at the end, it’s only football. We have to know about this and people don’t become better or worse person after making a mistake in a football game so that’s how it is” Jurgen Kloop added.

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  235. Lizzy, your books are truely amazing! I read Damian’s Oracle first and just fell in love with your writting style, since then I have pretty much read all of your stories more than twice. I’m looking forward to the next books in both the Rhyn Trilogy and War of Gods series. I wish you the best of everything.

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  240. Masterful post, Counterlight. I like all of the paintings, too, perhaps Kandinsky and Marc the best.Perhaps we are in the end times now, but not the end times as the fundies envisioned them.This post was partial inspiration for my post on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. I’d read part of it earlier and had to leave, and I’m just now getting back to leave a comment. The 20th century was bloody, all right.

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  242. Love this hearty bowl of soup. I notice you do use coconut oil in your cooking pretty often. I am wondering if its because there are some special health benefits to it? I know coconut milk is not so healthy if consumed regularly, but someone has mentioned to me before that coconut oil is not the same…

  243. Pentidattilo is too beautiful to not be “discovered” one day by artists, poets, writers, etc. Over the last thirty years I’ve seen a couple of partly abandoned villages in the north of Italy be rescued by such creative people. Thank you for the beautiful photos!!!

  244. That focaccia looks out of this world and Kay is such a treat, as always. I can't believe she is approaching the one year mark already! A Mickey Mouse themed birthday party sounds perfect if you ask me. :o) Also, I just noticed her ballet flats. Adorable! Love these life updates from you and hope the Body Attack launch went well last week!

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